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Check and Assess? I'll just do that on the way home.'

GradeWork helps to keep a teacher's workload under control while simultaneously increasing the assessment quality. GradeWork streamlines the entire submitting and assessing processes for all types of work by the student.

In this respect it is specified beforehand, per student, what needs to be submitted during the training period. Subsequently, the teacher will automatically find the submitted work in the student's file and can proceed with a simple online assessment. GradeWork has an automatic link to a plagiarism scanner.

With GradeWork teachers can organize checking and assessing more efficiently!



  • Easy to submit online at any moment
  • Clarity on assessment criteria prior to submitting work
  • Overview of documents to be submitted and deadlines
  • Submitted work never gets lost
  • Better communication with the teacher on submissions
  • Group collaboration
  • Better performance at re-examinations


  • Time saving
  • Less administrative red tape
  • Better communication with the student on submissions
  • Available for consultation at any time and place, possibly for assessments
  • Ease of checking submissions for originality using the plagiarism scan
  • Re-examinations are finalized with better results

  • Time saving
  • Direct insight into the results
  • All student files stored safely in the Cloud
  • Easy to replace instructors/assessors when necessary
  • Green and paper-free
  • Higher student/teacher satisfaction
  • Record storing for the purpose of accountability

HOw does Gradework work?

 Single Sign On koppeling

1. The student proceeds to the submission portal and submits the work.
The student will see the tests for which he/she was registered in the submission portal. The work can be uploaded (where applicable, as a group) and submitted. After submission the student will receive a receipt confirmation email.

2. An optimal digital check
The assessor can also log in to view the work and carry out a plagiarism scan. The check module enables him/her to provide feedback on the work and to complete the assessment form.

3. Review
After the work has been assessed, the teacher releases the assessments to the students. The student will receive a confirmation email of this and can review the assessment in GradeWork.

4. A complete archive

  • The completed work including the assessments is always within reach
  • Useful when assessing re-examinations
  • Readily available for accreditations and accountability


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